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I’m not going to say that this is the best news ever, but it’s the best news ever. The new Alfa Romeo Giulia is getting a manual transmission.


While the full specs on the new Giulia, including its interior shots, haven’t come out yet, a few official-looking photos and renderings have creeped out here and there. This is the best one we’ve seen, and it proves the car has a stick shift.

The new Alfa looks like a total winner on paper. It’s lighter than its rivals, it looks less boring than they do, it comes with rear-wheel drive, and it even comes with over 500 horsepower if you want.

But there was always a question if the car would deliver on the specs then disappoint in reality, just as nearly every Alfa Romeo has done for the past few decades.


This manual is a part of economy car realities in Europe, but it’s also a play towards feel and enjoyment along with any raw specifications. That’s why we love Alfas.


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