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Texas World Speedway's Google Search Listing Now Immortalizes It As A Flood-Car Dumping Ground

Image via Google
Image via Google

Occasionally, I put “Texas World Speedway” into my search bar for the sake of nostalgia. The same goes for driving by on a feeder, since that’s as close as cars can get anymore—a cop blocks the entrance since the track is an auction site for flood cars. It often doesn’t make me anything other than sad, but I do it anyway.


But this time was particularly sad, like seeing an old photo pop up on Facebook and knowing the relationships or activities in that photo won’t ever be recreated again for one reason or another. The Google search page loaded, and above the Wikipedia excerpt for the former NASCAR- and Indy car-hosting two-mile oval was a photo of the track packed with cars—flood cars from Hurricane Harvey in August, which now overflow its infield and spill into the outer grassy areas, not cars there to watch a race.

There will always be people who remember Texas World for what it used to be and what it was even in the past few years, but it’s sad to see the track die like this. A tiny change in its internet listing doesn’t mean much in the big picture, but it sure is a reminder of how quickly and sadly a legacy can change.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Texas World sounds like the rootinest tootinest theme park in the world