Texas-Style Dually Drift Session Cut Short By The Police

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the Ford F-450 dually drift trucks. Wait, what?

Marc Sherrin usually uses this big behemoth as a tow vehicle for race cars and other fun stuff, but why should the big Ford do all the work and have none of the fun? Besides, there’s nothing like a good summer storm and plenty of torque to loosen up four rear tires for a good drift.


Unfortunately, because this wasn’t Sherrin’s own private hoon-lot, Sherrin says he got a lengthy “stern talking to” from the police for the parking lot drift session. That’s the big risk when you’re using an empty lot out in the wild.

Either way, please find a good, safe, empty space where you won’t get a talkin’-to and give your dually the magical hooning it so desires.

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