Texas State Trooper Kills Two Trying To Disable Truck By Shooting At It From A Helicopter

A Texas State Trooper in a helicopter shot at a Ford F-150 that was running from the police on a gravel road outside of La Joya, just north of the state's border with Mexico. Instead of disabling the truck, the sharpshooter reportedly killed two of the passengers inside.

It was assumed the vehicle was carrying drugs, however, it turns out there were instead ten individuals trying to enter the country illegally. One of the passengers was killed immediately when shot by the shooter and another one died en route to the hospital. No drugs were found.


The eight surviving passengers were arrested after the truck's tires blew out and the driver lost control. Seven of the individuals in the truck were Guatemalan nationals. There's no word yet on what danger the truck posed an immediate threat to public safety, which is typically the protocol for firing on a moving vehicle with people in it.

Photo Credit: AP

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