Texas Road Sign Trashes Woman’s Lexus, But State Says We Ain’t Payin’

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Road signs — they're everywhere. They tell us where to go and where we are. Their helpful displays of numbers, letters, and in some cases even arrows guide us to where we need to be and help keep our children safe.

But sometimes, the signs can turn on us — and the results can be absolutely devastating. Think they're harmless? Think again.

This Austin woman's trust in road signs was shattered forever when a Texas Department of Transportation sign fell onto her Lexus SUV while she was stopped at a red light, according to this hard-hitting (see what I did there?) report from KXAN News. Maybe that particular sign had an axe to grind against beige luxury SUVs.


Adding insult to injury, the state refuses to pay the woman back for the nearly $2,800 in damage done to the SUV. According to state law, "government agencies are not liable for damage caused while performing certain government safety functions, like maintaining signs," according to the news station. TxDOT officials also say they investigated the incident but found no negligence on their part, although they did end up replacing the sign.

Tell us, should the state have to pay for the damage?

Photo credit KXAN.

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TxDot is broke as it is, if she's wealthy enough to live in Austin and drive a Lexus SUV, I'm sure she can cover the paltry sum of $2800