Texas Road Rage Is Actually Really Nice

A couple of Canadians Texans on supermotos are plowing down a rural road when an F-150 inattentively pulls out in front of them. The first rider barely pulls up short, hitting the Ford. What follows isn't what an American would expect.

In America, surely the Yamaha rider and the truck driver would be vigorously breaking each other's noses, but in the North Texas, we get polite conversation, transcribed here in full:

Trucker: Are you alright?
Biker: Yeah dude, it's all good.
Trucker: Damn, dude.
Biker: Ahh, no damage.
Trucker: I didn't see y'all behind me.
Biker: Oh, it's no problem.
Trucker: You good?
Biker: Yeah, we're good man. It's a dirt bike. [The trucker begins to turn.] Go for it.
Trucker: Sorry about that.
Biker: No problem.
Biker's Friend: That was a good stop, dude!
Biker: Ahaha, I know! (waits for truck) Uh, I'll go across.
Trucker: A'ight. [They part ways without killing each other.]


Canadians: Texans: they're even polite at road rage.

UPDATE: As many of you pointed out, this is clearly a Texas truck and probably Texas. As a native Texan I'm not surprised. I must now go curb Raphael of his yankee bias without discouraging his Canadian stereotyping. — Ed.

(Hat tip to TheCroatianGuy!)

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