Texas May Let You Pay To Drive 85 MPH

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Texans are one step closer to being able to drive 85 MPH legally on certain stretches of road, with the state's department of transportation announcing this week that they're testing out sections of a toll road between Austin and San Antonio to determine if it can handle the speeds. Yeehaw!


The Lone Star State already ties with Utah when it comes to liberal speed limits, allowing 80 MPH on certain parts of I-20 and I-10 in the empty, straight and rural parts of the state. Highway 130, which runs awfully close to the new Formula One track, is currently under construction and thus eligible under a new law for the highest speed limit in the Western Hemisphere.

As written, only new stretches of road built to the highest design parameters are eligible for such a high speed limit. This mostly means toll roads in Texas.

Why would any state push for such a high speed limit, other than it being awesome? The toll road is being built by Spanish company Cintra, who has a well-documented relationship with Texas Governor Rick Perry. So there's that.

Not like anyone needs a reason not to drive on the parallel but awful I-35.

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In addition to being an avid driver I'm also a big mountain bike advocate and anyone who is knows that one prick that rides trails right after a rainstorm, on hike only trails, ignores the right of way rules or illegally cuts his own trail 'cause he so badass the regular trails and rules don't apply to him. Then that legit trail gets closed, or new, legal, funded trail building gets put off for years or forever in an area because of it.

Look, we like speed, but as the upper crust of the car world, we should know there is a time and place. Frankly if we want things like higher speed limits, we have to play by the rules and take it one step at a time.

When Utah published its findings on the I-15 test sections it found that the speeds and frequency of speeders was the same and THAT is why the speed limit is now actually 80 MPH on those stretches of extremely boring road. I can only imagine what would have happened if everyone thought like these "I go the speed I damn well please" types. Wait, I do, the speed limit would be back to 75 or enforcement would have been stepped up or both. Instead, we have higher speed limits with no increase in tickets or injuries. Win win.