Texas Declares Man's License Plate Offensive To Upside-Down People

Are you inverted 180° from normal human position, either through a gravitational anomaly or perhaps the use of gravity boots? Maybe you’re Raph? Are you also a highly sensitive person? If so, then you better sit down. Or, I guess, sit up. Because Texas just figured out that a Lambo’s license plate, 370H55V, can be read upside-down.

And, of course, when you do read it upside-down, it basically looks like the word ASSHOLE. That word, of course, refers to an anus, or rectum. If you’re an avian or reptile reading this, your closest analogue would be the multi-purpose hole you call a cloaca. In English, it is also a popular epithet for a jerk. And, to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, offensive.

Safer Hassan has had the license plate on his Lamborghini Aventador for over three years with no problems, but just received a letter stating that the plate would be suspended in 30 days, and if he doesn’t select a replacement personalized plate, he’ll forfeit the fee.


Hassan is planning to appeal the state’s decision. Personally, I have trouble understanding why someone would really have an issue with this. By inverting and crypto-izing the dirty, dirty word with other, similar characters, you’d think that would be ample protection from casual observers being confronted with the shock of seeing the slang term for an anus.

I feel like he’s obliquely playing on the conceit and stereotype that supercar owners tend to be assholes, and I think he’s being sort of self-deprecating and adding a little silly fun to a class of vehicles that desperately needs that. So, I’m on your side, Safer.

Still, it’s unlikely you’re going to win this battle. Maybe just try for the classic 58008?

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