Sometimes you see a car at a dealership and say to yourself, "Wow, that is one sexy ride!" But if you think it's sexy enough to have sex on top of, you should make sure you clean up the evidence once the deed is done. Or at least before you take pictures of the car to sell it.

This Lubbock, Texas dealership didn't notice the strange marks in the dust on the hood of a used BMW 3-series they're selling before they posted photos to post on their website and Craigslist. The imprint of what appears to be outstretched hands and cocktail dress-clad breasts is unmistakable. There also appears to be another set of hands just above them.

Somebody appears to get turned on by Bimmers.

Of course, with this scant evidence, we can't be sure if this was someone getting railed on the car's hood, or if it was a BMW fetishist enjoying a nice rub against one after hours. It could always be a hoax, although that doesn't negate the fact that the dealer posted it to their website and Craigslist. Then again, the front plate does say "Friendly Ford," so whoever the mysterious boob-rubber was may have taken that as an invitation.

We called the Don listed in the Craigslist advertisement and he said "Good catch." He also says he has no idea how it happened as someone else takes photos for his dealership but he thinks it's hilarious and agrees it does look like someone had sex on the car.

Whatever is going on here is good for a laugh, and is reminder to car salesman everywhere to give your cars a quick spray/chamois before taking pictures to post online. We're watching.


(Hat tip to WarShrike!)

Photo credit: Pollard Ford

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