Tesla's Latest Update For The Model S Finally Makes It Good Again

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Tesla’s approaching the launch date for production of the Model 3, and in the meantime continues to roll out the latest software update for owners with the latest hardware, including notable safety features and tasteful conveniences.

Particularly of note, there’s several Autopilot 2.0 features. Under the 8.1 software update for Hardware 2.0 (HW2) Teslas, the max speed for Autosteer is being capped at 80 mph now, up from the previous speed of 55 mph. The update also includes lane departure warning which, when activated, will alert drivers when their vehicle crosses over a lane marking. Model S owners will need cameras on the vehicle calibrated before Autosteer (which is intended to keep the vehicle situated in a lane) can be used at that speed, according to Electrek.


Tesla confirmed that another feature, Auto Lane Change, will be rolled out as part of the software update, which is a feature that assists drivers in switching to an adjacent lane when it’s clear to do so.

Lastly, the “Summon” feature returns and allows drivers to have their car, you guessed it, summoned, by using Tesla’s mobile app or their keyfob, which is intended to be a benefit for parking in a tight space.


As we reported back in January, Tesla planned to slowly rollout Autopilot and safety features for HW2 vehicles incrementally, before eventually reaching parity with first generation vehicles. The new release adds on to Autopilot features for HW2 vehicles that were already in place, including Autopark, Forward Collision Warning, and Traffic Aware Cruise Control. The updates would bring HW2 vehicles nearly in line with first generation vehicles.


Some user interface updates were introduced for first generation and HW2 vehicles, as well. When looking for a business on a map, it’ll now show it’s accompanying Google rating, phone number, addresses, and business hours. A “Favorites” radio station can be collated by selecting songs that play by rating it with a thumbs up, Tesla confirmed. Headrests can also be adjusted in the front seats, and the selected position can be saved in the owner’s Tesla driving profile.

The rollout is expected to continue over the next couple of days, Tesla confirmed.