Tesla's Newest Update Lets You Walk Your Car Like A Dog

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Watch Us Walk A Tesla Model S Like A Dog

The other night, I walked my car like a dog. Well, it wasn’t my car. It was Tesla’s own Model S. Here’s how it works.

Tesla recently sent out a tech update to their cars that enables a new
“Summon” feature.


What it does is let the car drive forward or backwards without a human driver in the vehicle. You press and hold the top of your little Tesla-shaped key, the car blinks, and then you either press and hold it forward (on the key’s frunk) so it drives forward or backward (on its trunk) and the car reverses.

Tesla figures you can use this feature to get the car to back in and out of tight parking spaces.


My coworker Mike Ballaban and I used it to walk the car like a dog.


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