Back in 2014, we ran a story about Tesla open-sourcing their patents, and for our top image I modified that famous video game screenshot with the “All your base belong to us” guy. Tesla reached out to us to ask if it was okay for them to use the image on a wall at their facility and, even though I had repurposed a video game screenshot myself, we were fine with it, so they went ahead and painted their wall.

That wasn’t hard! All they had to do was call Edwards and ask if they could use the image, and, ideally, offer some kind of reasonable compensation. They can goddamn afford it.

Clearly, Elon liked the unicorn image enough for it to be used so extensively in promoting the hidden sketchpad feature, which can hardly be called “hidden” when you tweet it out on the public internet. This wasn’t some little internal-use bullshit; this image was used for public-facing Tesla materials.

Edwards’ lawyer has sent Tesla a letter, but so far has not received any response. I guess that means Tesla is okay with the free use of images, so maybe we’ll start selling these mugs:

I mean, think of all the exposure we’ll be giving the brand!

We’ve reached out to Tesla for comment, and they declined to comment.