Tesla Teases A Mystery Car In New Video

Twitter-maniac Elon Musk posted what he called a Tesla “quarterly all-hands video” on Wednesday, and it includes a quick glimpse of a covered vehicle, which immediately sent fanatics of the automaker into a frenzy. What is this? A Model Y prototype?


The Model Y guess makes sense, since Musk has opened up more about it in recent days, having said that he (optimistically) expects production to begin in 24 months. But it looks too short to be a crossover.

My initial gut reaction was that Tesla, fully-aware of the benefit it gets from media coverage like this, just covered up a Model 3 and waited for its fans to point this out. The full shot comes in at the :16 mark.

I asked Tesla for comment, but I fully anticipate they’ll have nothing to share. If I had to guess, I’d say maybe it’s a revamped Model S? It’s about damn time for one, that’s for sure.

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