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Tesla Owner Resorts To Tweeting At Elon When His Door Handles Break For The Third Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

“Please help Elon,” Farhan tweeted, after announcing to Twitter he had to climb in through the other side of this car when his Tesla’s door handles busted for the third time.

Read this lone tweet sent out yesterday of a Tesla owner with nowhere else to go:


Farhan also posted this to Reddit and you can also get the sense of woe:

this is getting really annoying... the first time my door handle broke was the passenger one about 6 months ago, it would not present when i unlocked the car, and Tesla fixed it after about a week. the second time a door handle died was just a month and a half ago. The driver side rear door handle failed to present itself when i unlocked the car, but it was no big deal because i don’t really use it. i called Tesla and they came out to fix it after a few days. now when i tried to unlock my car at the grocery store, the driver door handle would not present... i had to literally climb into the car from the passenger door. Tesla says they will address and fix my issue as soon as they have availability of the part and time to send out a technician with no clear answer on when that will be... I literally have to climb into my car to drive it until then... why am i having these kinds of issues with a $140k+ car?


It was only a few months ago that Farhan was tweeting at Elon in thanks for his car’s “insane” acceleration. And so too was he tweeting at Elon when his car was involved in a crash, saying it kept him safe.

Yes, this is the same car that was crashed back in April, though I don’t know if or how that might affect his door handles.

Farhan has had the car since the end of 2016, having to do all of the paperwork over email and pick up the car, as he explained to me over Facebook messenger. It’s because he’s in Texas, a state not particularly keen on Tesla’s no-dealership system. “Actually got a ticket for no license plates since Tesla can’t give out temporary plates in Texas,” he noted.

“Yeah, I still really like the car,” Farhan told me, “ [it] just has some issues that need to be worked out.”


Jalopnik has reached out to Tesla and will update if we receive official comment.