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Tesla Motors Confirms It's Developing Two 'Affordable' Electric Vehicles

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Tesla Motors, hot off of beginning deliveries for its new Model X SUV, has now confirmed it’s working on not one, but two ‘affordable’ electric vehicles which it hopes to sell for around $30,000. Following the current Model S and Model X, Tesla plans to introduce a Model 3 and Model Y. S3XY.


Remember when Ford killed Tesla Motor’s CEO Elon Musk’s attempt at bringing “S.E.X.” to the market by introducing a compact electric sedan slotted between the Model S and Model X to be called the Model E? Well he found a way around that, with all-but-confirmed reports that the “Model 3" will be unveiled this March, and it may not be the only new model to come from Tesla this year.


Earlier today Electrek ran an article claiming that a second-hand source confirmed that Tesla would show off a compact electric sedan called the “Model 3" this March (as has been previously reported). They also claimed that Tesla would simultaneously introduce a smaller SUV or CUV called the “Model Y” with Falcon doors similar to the the Model X, which would be based on the same new “pancake” electric battery platform as the upcoming small sedan—which we’ve heard about since June of last year.

A Tesla spokesperson reached out to Electrek, who updated their original post, claiming this report was “wrong,” but confirmed that the Model 3 was due to be revealed on schedule this March, and that the electric automaker was in fact working on another new vehicle that would share its platform.

As for the “Model Y” name—it was no joke when Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted out (and then deleted) that there would be “a Model 3 and Model Y,” fulfilling the brand’s S.3.X.Y. lineup. We’ll just have to wait and see if that nomenclature stands after Tesla’s March announcement of its prospective sub-$30,000 car.


Screenshot from 60 Minutes via Electrek


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