Tesla Model S Torched In Weird Supercharger Fire

Tesla is investigating what appears to be an unusual fire that torched a Model S P85 at a Supercharger station in Shanghai. And the vehicle reportedly wasn’t charging at the time it set fire.

Electrek reported that it’s unclear if the fire originated from the vehicle itself or something inside the cabin. Another Model S was also impacted by the fire.


Stories about fires involving Model S vehicles aren’t new, and the ratio between the number of fires involving the total number of Model Ss on the road is minute. In January 2016, a Model S caught fire while charging at a station in Norway, and last August another lit up during a test drive.

Electrek reported that the company said it was investigating what happened. “No one was harmed in this incident,” a spokesperson told the site. “We’re undergoing a full investigation and we’ll share our findings as soon as possible.”

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