Tesla Is Being Suspiciously Quiet About The Production Model 3's Interior

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the very first production car of the new Model 3, on time and on Twitter a week ago. We got two pictures of the exterior of the car and... that was it.


Now, obviously, I do not expect Tesla to behave like a normal automotive company. But I do think it is fair to argue that most companies would want to provide as much information as possible on the specifications of the product they’re about to launch.

Even if Tesla takes the “we’re more of a tech company” approach, consumers still know all of the hardware and software specification of an iPhone before they go out and buy one.

A week on and all we have are two images. Elon Musk is typically very chatty on his Twitter account about his products, and particularly the Model 3. In the past he’s confirmed that the final design would undergo some revisions based on feedback from the Model 3's first introduction last year.


Musk has also seemed to confirm that the Model 3 won’t be getting a solar roof option after all, and a few months ago he was very adamant that the 3 wouldn’t be getting anything like a traditional driver’s display speedometer or heads up display. As previewed at the Model 3 reveal event last year, the car will supposedly have all of its information available on the center-mounted 15-inch landscape touch screen mounted on the dashboard.


All of that is fine, but what about the rest of the interior? We’ve seen the “finished” product of the Model 3's exterior fresh off of the production line, but Tesla has made a big stink about this minimalist interior and it’s almost suspicious that no further details on the car have been released over the past week.

Perhaps they just want to save it as a special moment for the first group of people to take deliveries of their cars—and we know Tesla has had no issue finding demand for the Model 3, so maybe they just don’t think it’s necessary to do the traditional full product reveal.


Nonetheless, I’m sure we’ll be seeing it soon enough, from Tesla or not, and if it’s anything like the prototype we got a quick ride in from the Model 3 announcement, it should be just fine.

Do your thing, Tesla. I guess.

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