Tesla Dropped A First Look Of The Model Y And It Doesn't Have Any Dang Mirrors

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Tesla had its big annual shareholder call today with plenty of confirmations for things that were expected to be confirmed, but one little surprise was this sneak peek at the Model Y crossover.


Tesla’s Model Y is the long-rumored compact crossover, meant to slot under the Model X. Originally, it seemed the Model Y would be based on the Model 3 platform, but that’s been nixed and the Model Y and all future Teslas will be on a new platform with a new electrical system layout.

Obviously there isn’t much else to go on from the heavily shaded teaser, except that it doesn’t have any mirrors. This is a stunt that almost every modern concept car tries to pull off, and the production cars always end up with mirrors due to safety regulations.

Maybe Tesla’s thinking this time is that, by 2020 or whenever the Model Y eventually goes into production, self-driving laws will be at a point where automakers can get away with letting the car and computers handle all that pesky blind spot monitoring permanently.

Tesla also confirmed that the next Autopilot update would finally put 2.0 ahead of where Autopilot 1.0 left off, and that the next big reveal from the company would be the semi-truck concept with an additional surprise. Perhaps a Tesla pickup will make a guest appearance—who knows.

Oh, and then there was this:


You OK Elon?

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Cameras. Doesn’t need to be self driving to have camera-mirrors.