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Tesla Delivers One Model S To One Guy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While Elon Musk is launching rockets into space, his old pet project electric car company is launching its first Tesla Model S sedan to its first "customer" — Tesla board member and investor Steve Jurvetson.


Because Tesla's kept such a tight lid on important information about the car — no reviewers have driven it yet — everyone's really excited about this piece of manufactured news.

Someone caught the car being delivered to Jurvetson and tweeted about it, thus setting off a rabid search for any information from the typically information miserly Tesla.


Important news? To be delivered the car had to pass all federal tests, which means the company's plan for a June 22nd delivery is plausible.

Unimportant news? Basically everything else. This car could be a dud and brick or catch fire 100 times and there's no way that we'd hear about it unless it happened in a public place. Tesla has a strong leash on news that the weak-willed West Coast media rarely challenges.

It's another illustration that Tesla is going to sell this car with the quiet acquiescence of uncritical and easily impressed gadget reporters. It's a great model and it appears to be working. Does the car itself work? We have no idea, but it looks pretty great. (Hat tip to TwinTurbo2!)


(Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson)