Terrorist Threat That Shut Down Times Square Was Just A Shitty Truck

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Look, who hasn’t ridden in an old truck with some exposed wiring and a couple gas canisters in the back?

One such truck shut down Times Square on Saturday, idling on West 46th Street with no driver inside. Exposed wires dangled onto the empty driver’s seat, and gas canisters sat in the back.


Counter-terrorism officers from the city’s Bomb Squad, Emergency Services Unit, and mysteriously-named Strategic Response Group all checked out the vehicle and determined that it was no threat to the public. It was just a shitty old van.

The cops did eventually find the driver, 28-year-old Ryan Frasier, and hit him with 10 summonses. The NYPD’s also-mysteriously-named Critical Response Command has since released the guy from questioning, and he mostly has to deal with simple violations, like failing to register the truck, as the New York Daily News reports.

Still, 10 summonses has to cost, like, at least $20.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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