Terrifying Russian Motorcycle Crash Caught On Three Dash Cams

The people of Russia are proud to debut the latest advancement in Russian dash cam technology: multi-angle traffic crash footage. Let's take a look at how this went down, Rashomon-style.


Fortunately for all involved, no one in this crash was seriously injured, including the motorcycle rider and his passenger. That's great news.

But from no fewer than three different dash cam angles, including that of the oncoming SUV, we can see the bike drifting into the opposite lane before colliding head-on with the other vehicle. Unbelievable.

It's scary as hell to watch, but who keeps putting these things on YouTube after they happen? That's what I want to know.

Hat tip to ValveGuide!



Was the operator fighting the weight of the passenger who didn't lean into the turn?

I haven't rode since I was young, but either that, or he fell asleep.