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Terrifying Dashcam Car Chase Video Plays Out Like A Horror Movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Being alone on the city streets at night can be terrifying with nothing going on, but it’s especially horrifying when you find yourself being attacked and chased by a road-raging lunatic.

That’s what happens in this video featuring dashcam footage from Tuesday, where the uploader claims he filmed himself running from what he believes was an attempted carjacking—and being chased.


According to the video description, the incident occurred in Albuquerque, New Mexico on December 6th, where the driver had to run from a red Chrysler 300 after it tried to block him and his car in.

It gets even crazier when he manages to turn and run in what a user with the same username, chicagostyleasshole, on Reddit claims is his 2007 Subaru Forester on Reddit, with the other car chasing him down and trying to stop him multiple times. He then, very very luckily, comes up on a police car at a stoplight and gets the officer’s attention, who briefly chases after the red Chrysler before apparently losing them and circling back.


It all just seems too outlandish and crazy to be true, but the police officer and the 911 call all would seem to make it legitimate.

What’s odd and possibly suspicious is that at the very end of the video, a red Chrysler 300 identical to the one chasing the man appears. According to the video uploader on Reddit, this was somehow a completely different red Chrysler 300 that witnessed the whole thing and stopped to check on the driver and officer. What are the odds of a random good samaritan in another identical red Chrysler 300 in the same area at the same time?

Is it fake? Maybe. The YouTube channel has been around for at least five years with nothing revealing uploaded.

Is it an all-too-real horror movie nonetheless? Yep.

Hat Tip to Paulo! Via Reddit