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Terrified Of Volkswagen Reliability? Here's A Giant Warranty On The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

Illustration for article titled Terrified Of Volkswagen Reliability? Heres A Giant Warranty On The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

Ever considered buying a Volkswagen but got scared off by the reliability horror stories every VW owner seems to have? This might make you feel better. VW will be offering the longest bumper-to-bumper warranty available in the industry on the 2018 Atlas and the new Tiguan.


Insane muscle cars might get the headlines, but crossovers are what put numbers on the board—and that segment has been a weak spot for Volkswagen for quite some time. Offerings like the expensive Touareg and just so-so Tiguan were misplaced efforts to ride the crossover craze.


In order to convince new buyers to try something different, VW will offer a six-year, 72,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty on the Atlas and the Tiguan. Volkswagen can now claim they offer the industry’s best bumper-to-bumper warranty. Toyota and Honda only offer three years and 36,000 miles worth of bumper-to-bumper coverage, and a five-year, 60,000 mile powertrain warranty. Even Hyundai is down to a five-year, 60,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty these days.

Even though it took Volkswagen way too long to bring a legitimate and affordable three-row crossover to market to combat the likes of the Highlander, Pilot and Explorer, the brand was smart enough to price that Atlas competitively and offer more content for less than the competition. Despite the value proposition, Volkswagen must have recognized it was at a perception disadvantage when it comes to reliability.

VW also is quick to point out that unlike some of its Korean competitors, the Volkswagen coverage is fully transferrable to the next owner. Maybe people will be more inclined to take a chanced on these used models then.

America, buy the Atlas and Tiguan! VW really needs you to.

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Money Hustard

I know perception hasn’t caught up to reality, but I still have the ghosts of early 2000's VW reliability in my head. A warranty doesn’t overcome that, because of just how much my VWs used to break. In one year I needed a loaner 6 times for multi-day repairs for a 2 year old car.

I was in college then, so it wasn’t that bad, but now? Losing my car for a few days every other month just can’t happen. I loved my VWs, but I buy Japanese now, damn it.

Besides, this just feels like another for America special from VW like Passat, no thank you.