Terribly Unlucky Man Has Home Set On Fire By Lightning And Viper Crash

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Someone really, really doesn't want John Anwyl in his house. Over the weekend, a Viper lost control and crashed into his house, setting it partially on fire. This is following a lightning strike last August that burned off part of his roof. Take the hint, buddy.


Seriously, what's next? Helicopter full of rabid lions crash-lands in the living room? Sewer backs up several thousand piranha into the toilets and tubs? Poltergeists? Black hole opening in the floor? Get the hell out of there, John.

The most recent accident happened Sunday evening, when the Viper, with a 50something driving and a 70something passenger, apparently lost control and plowed through a gate, yard, and into the house. Neighbors reported that they could still hear the very loud engine revving, suggesting the throttle was still down at impact. Both men survived with minor injuries.


No alcohol is suspected to be involved, but an excess of speed and a sudden and severe loss of talent may be factors.

(Source: Fox40, and, thanks, Jon!)

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Two things:

1. The guy lives on Horseshoe Bar Road (Horseshoe, luck..whatever. Sounded funny in my head).

2. Reporter says, "a 12 cyclinder sports car crashed into his house." That's the problem, those extra 2 cyclinders. Had this car been a standard V10 this wouldn't have happened.

Moral of the story - Homemade V12s are dangerous.