Terminator 4: Skynet Research Autonomous Mass Transit Bot

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Terminator Salvation is scheduled for May 21st premier, but the viral marketing is already gearing up, with a "Skynet Research" website now online where you'll find this: the Skynet Research Autonomous Mass Transit Bot.

The website is put together as a faux corporate page for Skynet Research, or at least what the corporate homepage would have looked like before Judgement Day. It's pretty standard fare, "Who we are," "Products," "Testimonials," "Outreach," and "Communications" all narrated by a detached generic female voice. Click through into products though and you can see the embryonic elements of humanities destruction, including this bad boy: the Skynet Research Autonomous Mass Transit Bot. Warner Brothers Skynet Research describes this tracked transit bot in the following way:


Safety comes first and foremost with the Skynet line of transport. Our line of robotic people movers features the latest in both GPS navigation and terrain mapping to aid in the first true ‘program and forget' product for transportation. Independent evolvable ‘Transpo-Al'™ translates into smooth operation and easy large-scale integration into complex systems.
Two parallel base segmented grinder class tracks; X08 Model Chassis with additional multi-valve Cylinder Scope; Hybrid Alloy central mechanism Processing Coolant; Self-charging Ion Combustible Power Cell; Driverless correction enabled Transpo-Al™ Navigation Core Index; Full Spectrum Sensor Module; Dual Insulated Human Containment Vessel Frame


This means it's perfect for transporting meaty experiment subjects from the field to testing facilities. Notice how it's got a set-it-and-forget-it GPS feature, that can only mean one thing, BMW is going to become Skynet. Watch for further "viral" marketing to come out of this website as the source code is chock-full of easter eggs which currently lead to nowhere. [Skynet Research (Warner Bros)]