Ten Ways To Deal With Shitty Drivers

In today’s world, incompetent drivers are everywhere. Not only that, they’re also becoming more and more incompetent. Here are the ten best ways to deal with them.

10.) Display Your Disgust


You don’t need to curse or throw anything at the shitty drivers. Once the driver realizes how much of a tool they’re being, they’ll likely take a second thought about their driving habits. Whether its a slow shake of the head or a gracious hand gesture, the other driver will get the message.

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9.) Laugh It Off

What’s the point of stressing over a shitty driver? Let them be. Be thankful that you’re not that naive and just laugh it off. Don’t let yourself be bothered for an lengthy amount of time by something so minute.

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8.) Splash The Windshield


A successful shitty driver deterrent is to spray your washer fluid on your windshield. At highway speed, almost all car-mounted windshield washer systems will overspray onto the car behind them. Perfect for those demonic tailgaters.

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7.) Stare Them Down


I wouldn’t recommend taking your eyes off the road for an extended period of time, but if you happen to catch the opportunity to stare that shitty driver in the eyes, do it. Pierce deep into their soul.

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6.) Flash Them


No not that kind of flash! One of the most effective methods of getting left-lane hogs to move over is reminding them that there is faster traffic behind them. It just so happens most hi-beams are a perfect tool for this task. Just remember to be careful where you attempt this. It may be illegal.

Suggested By: McLarry, Photo Credit: leftlanedrivers.org

5.) Take The Road Less Traveled


Why not avoid the assholes all together? Take a back road or the long way. With this method, the only assholes you’ll have to deal with are the deer.

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4.) Think Like Them


Get inside their minds. Predict their next moves. This way, you can keep yourself and your car safe from their erratic driving patterns.

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3.) Report Them


Call them in. If you see dangerous or incredibly shitty driving, save some other drivers the headache or the danger and report them. Many police departments have non-emergency phone numbers that could take information like this down, if not a reckless driver hotline.

Suggested By: Green Pig, Photo Credit: Tony Fischer via Flickr

2.) Take The Wheel


Sometimes there’s almost nothing you can do about the shitty driver you’re encountering, because they’re sitting right next to you. Offer to drive! It could relieve them, or it could seriously offend them. I just wish I could’ve taken the wheel from some of my recent NYC Über drivers...

Suggested By: DMaculate, Photo Credit: Jason Torchinsky/Jalopnik

1.) Ignore Them


The safest, most legal and most civil way of dealing with shitty drivers, is to continue on your merry way and not give them your peace of mind. Getting mentally involved when coming across a shitty driver isn’t worth it and usually only escalates situations to dangerous levels. Don’t let them get the best of you!

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