If you tower like a god over lesser men (and women), you may think you'll be forever kept from driving amazing cars. The good news is that's not the case. As suggested by Jalopnik readers, here are 10 unexpectedly awesome cars for the very tall.

10.) Porsche 944

I didn't believe it either, but N@tedog is 6'4" and he swears by it.

Used ones are cheap. I had one as a senior in HS I bought for $4k in 2000. The foot/leg well is crazy long. I can almost get my legs fully extended to the desired driving position.

Suggested By: N@tedog , Photo Credit: Porsche

9.) Mazda3

The Mazda3 comes through for us once again.

Mazda3. My brother is a couple of inches taller than that reader's son and he fits in mine (hatch of-course) with room to spare. It doesn't leave much for a passenger behind him but that wasn't part of the question. :)

Suggested By: Braking Bad, Photo Credit: Mazda

8.) Mercedes S-Class Coupe

This works best if your bank account is big too.

Standard Features included: ALL OF THE LEGROOM

Suggested By: DontPanic1 , Photo Credit: Mercedes

7.) Dodge Charger

Old school RWD American muscle doesn't disappoint.

A good friend of mine has been driving a Dodge Charger R/T since 2006. Yes I know this pic is newer than his. But he's 6'9" and has plenty of room. His brother is 6'7" and drives a Challenger with plenty of room.

Suggested By: MontegoMan562 , Photo Credit: Dodge

6.) Volkswagen New Beetle

The round interior has its perks, as suggested by theodric and confirmed by BigHarv.

Absolutely. The arc of the roof is right over the head of the driver. Just...don't try and sit behind them. Also, very safe cars, as the driver is in the middle of the car.

Suggested By: theodric and BigHarv, Photo credit:VW

5.) Ferrari 456

Big people can fit in fast and fancy cars too! Shaquille O'Neal loved his.

Suggested By: RazoE , Photo Credit: Ferrari

4.) Pontiac Fiero

And if you can't afford a Ferrari, just get a Fiero and a kit:

Laugh all you want, but I'm 6'3" and I don't even have the seat all the way back and don't feel cramped at all. When I'm standing next to it outside, the roofline is not that much higher than my hips!

Suggested By: StalePhish, Photo Credit: Pontiac

3.) Youabian Puma

I'm pretty sure this thing was built for Zentradi warriors.

Suggested By: Jonee, Photo Credit: Youabian

2.) Ford F-150

Reader cazzyodo says he's 6'4" and plans on dumping his Focus ST for one.

There's leg room, it has a high entry and exit (as opposed to the ST's bucket seats which are actually kinda hard for me to get out sometimes), wide doors, large windshield for visibility (I've been in cars where I have to lean forward to see stoplights) and a high roof (my hair brushes across the ceiling of my car and many of my friend's vehicles as well).

Suggested By: cazzyodo, Photo credit: Ford

1.) Mini Cooper

No way, really? Really, says I Can Be Stig?, whose license plate is "YS I FIT." So it must be true!

I'm 6'9", 235. I have owned 3 MINIs ... they have tons of head and leg room, and the door pulls are carved into the door instead of jutting out, which allows for lots of space for the knee (which is inevitably up between the door and the steering wheel) to pass through and work the clutch. Oh, and to save people from asking me the same question over and over as soon as I would get out of them, this was my plate:

Suggested By: I Can Be Stig?, Photo credit: Mini

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Top photo credit VW