Ten Traffic Laws That Need To Change

The worst drivers never seem to be the ones getting tickets. Jalopnik readers want to change that, and here’s how they’d do it.

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There are many laws that we like on the books. DUI laws, for instance, are a good idea. Banning texting-and-driving is also a wonderful thing to have. In America we even enjoy one of the best driving laws in the world, right turns on red. Even the driving paradise of Germany doesn’t have that one.

And before we get into what laws we’d like changed, we would just like to reiterate that this country’s roads would be much safer if we had better driving instruction. A driving test is laughably easy to pass in the States, and you really only learn in your first year or two on the roads themselves. We would always prefer teaching drivers safe handling techniques and theory over laws punishing them for indiscretions down the line.


With that said, take a look at our short list often laws to change, and let us know what we left out in Kinja below.

Photo Credit: Richard Masoner


10.) Heavy Tickets For Left Lane Hogs

We admire the cop who ticketed a driver doing two under in the left lane but we need to see this happen more, and we need harsher tickets as well. The left lane is for passing.

Suggested By: Tonylukes, Photo Credit: rik


9.) Mandatory Driving Tests For The Elderly

I love my grandma, but we only knew she had to give up her keys when she got into one accident and then drove on the curb at night with her lights off. Regulating the elderly when they mess up is a bad system. We need regular checks to see if they’re safe to drive.

Suggested By: thestanwastaken, Photo Credit: Matteo Pieroni


8.) Stop Signs Should Act As Yield Signs For Bicycles

We can’t remember how many times we and friends of ours have been ticketed for rolling through stop signs in completely empty, safe intersections. It’s bullshit.

Suggested By: ttyymmnn, Photo Credit: Lynn Friedman


7.) Fines For Bad Headlights

Improperly aimed headlights, particularly poorly-aligned aftermarket kits, are a hazard to other drivers. We need to ticket everyone from lifted bro trucks to cheaply-modded hatchbacks.

Suggested By: Dean, Photo Credit: Jorge Quinteros


6.) Raise Speed Limits For Passing

It shouldn’t count as speeding if you need to get up past the limit to execute a safe pass. A slow overtake can be dangerous.

Suggested By: driveaboutMAXIMUMVRM, Photo Credit: CameliaTWU


5.) Tiered Licenses

As reader fintail put it, “the same license that allows you a Rio allows you a Veyron, and the same endorsement that allows you a Vespa allows you a turbo Busa or a 1500lb hog/2 wheeled Civic with no doors.” We like the idea of having tiered licenses that keep bad drivers out of large and fast cars, and restrict full driving privileges to drivers with a good record and additional training.

Suggested By: fintail and gt40mkII, Photo Credit: Superbad


4.) Legalize Lane Splitting

This one is a no-brainer. Lane-splitting for motorcycles is safe and efficient and should be legal in all 50 states.

Suggested By: dreygata, Photo Credit: gth_42


3.) Tickets For Not Signalling

Reader DontPanic1 sums this one up nicely.

ENFORCE MOTHERF&^%ING TURN/INDICATOR SIGNALS. I live in DC/VA and NO ONE uses an indicator. Not to turn, not to change lanes, not to do anything and I wish people would be pull for it. I forget sometimes too but it's a way of life here and my only response is to lay on the horn and rage. urgh.


Suggested By: DontPanic1, Photo Credit: TheCanonShot


2.) Drop The 25 Year Import Ban

America would not be worse off if we could bring over a few Audi RS4s or Skyline GT-Rs. Hell, it wouldn’t be worse if city residents could pick up diminutive kei cars, or business owners could import a thrifty Mahindra. Just end the ban on importing vehicles less than 25 years old.

Suggested By: cesariojpn, Photo Credit: Daft Photos


1.) Raise Speed Limits

Three words: safe and prudent. There are many roads (mostly in residential areas) where a low speed limit is safe, but for the wide open spaces of this country, or even in the high-power 80-90 mph freeways common everywhere, a higher speed limit only makes sense.

Suggested By: Triborough, Photo Credit: Mikeldray/Shutterstock.com

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