Good news! Our favorite middle-aged, British car-loving trio will be back on our screens soon. How about we give them an idea of what we’ll want to see after their very anticipated return?

10) Delivery Challenges

It’s official, the new show will be presented via Amazon, so why not embrace the company’s logistical marketplace roots and deliver some packages? It has potential to be a challenge that’ll get the three of them competing in what I can only imagine would be some very, very interesting parcel delivery vehicles, and maybe surprise some parcel receivers as well.

Suggested By: Lumpy44, Photo Credit: Top Gear

9) LeMons


Imagine the former Top Gear boys taking a stab at LeMons. Some of the most enduring, low-budget and entertaining racing that grassroots motorsport has to offer. They even already have experience in the field of cheap car racing!

You know what, after hearing what I’ve heard about LeMons, I’m not even sure they would make it onto the track. Meh, I’d still watch it.


Suggested By: ColordoFX4, Photo Credit: Top Gear via Youtube

8) The Interceptors: Full Episode


As a tribute to the Jenson Interceptor, Top Gear attempted a ‘70s styled crime-filled action short. Because of it’s original themes and dedication to the star of the short, the Jensen Interceptor, it went down as one of Top Gear’s best creations and left viewers around the world wanting more.

Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us-wrecks, Photo Credit: Top Gear

7) History And Explanations With James May


He may have attempted this in the past but on almost every occasion when James May has tried to explain anything in any basic detail, he has been interrupted by the other two monkeys. Let Captain Slow shine!

Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Cars of the People via Jalopnik

6) Car Mythbusters


This could be another one for May, maybe with Hammond and Clarkson as the occasional test dummies. Let’s have them put all of our favorite and most inconceivable automotive myths to the test!

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: Top Gear

5) More America


One of Top Gear’s most favored episodes was when they found themselves exploring the great southern region of the United States in the worst of ways. Their misery equals our enjoyment. More of this!

Suggested By: Chris B., Photo Credit: BBC

4) Scenery Shots


Though you might not remember it as such, a very key factor to a Top Gear special’s uniqueness was the impressive scenery shots and cultural images that brought the audience deeper into the program. Let’s hope the team behind the future program doesn’t forget about this.

Suggested By: Pending Approval, Photo Credit: Top Gear via

3) Cheap Car Specials


Yes! Cheap cars! More 944s, more E30s, more CRXs and more cheap shit! Drive them till they die, push the limits. Don’t forget about this with the new show!

Suggested By: Danny.Randomski, Photo Credit: Top Gear

2) Hot Takes


Keep the camera rolling. Let Jezza offend people, it’s what he’s good at. Hell, I bet a small percentage of viewers only watched Top Gear to see if who he would offend next. Let’s just hope Amazon has a good legal department.

Suggested By: Stef Schrader, Photo Credit: Top Gear

1) No More Script


The single most frequent complaint we’ve heard about Top Gear from Top Gear fans was that toward the end of the run, they felt the show was too scripted. How about a light outline of each episode, and then go from there? Whatever happens, happens.

Suggested By: v8corvairpickup, Photo Credit: Top Gear

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