Ten Things Reviewers Didn't Tell You About The Honda CR-Z

We've read reviews claiming the Honda CR-Z is neither a fast sports car nor a super efficient, fuel-sipping hybrid and yet is a fun car to drive. But what they didn't tell you will shock you! It will set your pants on fire and have you screaming for your mommy!

1.) The president of American Honda Motor Company thought the Honda CR-Z would be too confusing for the American consumer, which apparently it is. Is it a hybrid? Is it a sports car? WTF is it? After test driving it, I still don't know. But thankfully he did and placed an order for 15,000 of these curiously confusing cars.


2.) This hybrid sports car has the same type of suspension system that my Toyota Sienna had in it. Macpherson struts in the front and torsion beam suspension in the rear. In this respect, it is more minivan, I mean, it is more hybrid than sports car.

3.) Your insurance company thinks it's definitely a hybrid. Yes, in fact by buying this car, your insurance premium may actually go down.

4.) The Honda CR-Z's electric assist motor will last you as long as your battery has enough charge in it, which is about three hard accelerations. In fact, the Honda CR-Z service manual recommends that the technician rev the engine until the battery gauge is midway before releasing it back to the customer. It's my guess that they don't want to have the owner of the car wondering where all the umpht went.

5.) There is an exposed orange cable clearly visible under the Honda CR-Z, which you're not supposed to even look at or risk electric shock (and possibly electric death). You'd think if they'd thought you shouldn't touch it, that they'd hide it and not color it delicious orange. Orange, yum...


6.) After an accident (or sudden stop), you will need to replace the seat belt tensioners in your Honda CR-Z. You see, the seatbelts have a safety feature that removes any slack in the event of an abrupt stop (or crash). It is a use once thing. Sort of like a condom. You could possibly use it again, but it won't operate as designed and she may end up pregnant. I'd order a paternity test, but that's another story. Stop calling me, "daddy."

7.) HKS has a supercharger kit in the works for it. No, not Hong Kong Supermarket. They aren't the only tuner making aftermarket performance parts for the Honda CR-Z, but so is Mugen, Spoon, Noblesse and many others.


8.) The good news is that the Honda factory navigation is by Alpine. The bad news is that it's the same Alpine navigation unit found in most Hondas and Acuras since 2004. No, electronics is not like fine wine.

9.) Kids should never ride in it. The Honda CR-Z manual states this in so many placed that I stopped counting after ten. However, if you choose to ignore their recommendations, the manual describes how you should secure your child. I am thinking wrapped in bubble wrap and safely secured in the rear cargo area?


10.) Under normal operating conditions, "the battery gives off explosive hydrogen gas." I kid you not. That's a direct quote taken from the manual. However, in Honda's defense, I know many things that give off a flammable gas and I have never seen him explode or catch on fire... unintentionally.

OK, I obviously exaggerated. However, with all that said, most cars have skeletons in the closet. Read through their manuals and most of the stuff in there will scare the UPS out of you. After all, no manufacturer is going to market their product based on their WARNING and DANGER labels. Test drive the make and model you are looking at before coming to your own conclusion about a car.


After test driving the Honda CR-Z, I agree with most car reviewers that it'll put a smile on your face. In fact, I'll take one in white please.

This piece was written and submitted by a Jalopnik reader and may not express views held by Jalopnik or its staff. But maybe they will become our views. It all depends on whether or not this person wins by whit of your eyeballs in our reality show, "Who Wants to be America's Next Top Car Blogger?"


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