Ten Things Found In Charlotte Motor Speedway's Giant Sinkhole

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Charlotte Motor Speedway's having some fun with the ginormous gaping sinkhole in the middle of their infield, putting out the following top ten list of things they've found in said earthly maw.

10.) A peanut butter and banana sandwich left behind by "The King" Elvis Presley during his 1968 filming of Speedway at the track.

9.) An IOU from David Reutimann to Michael Waltrip for intentionally wrecking one of his cars in Kansas last weekend.

8.) Blueprints from the infamous T-Rex race car that Jeff Gordon drove to a dominating victory in the 1997 Sprint All-Star Race.

7.) Naysayers who believed condominiums would never work at a racetrack.

6.) Media-center lasagna that's as edible as it was 30-plus years ago.

5.) A strong, number-two wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers. No, scratch that . . . that hasn't been found yet.

4.) Destroyed parts of Darrell Waltrip's engine that mysteriously failed and ultimately avoided inspection after he won the 1985 Sprint All-Star race.

3.) The golden horseshoe Kevin Harvick said Jimmie Johnson and the No. 48 team used when they won this spring's race at Auto Club Speedeway in Fontana.

2.) A toupee worn by Burt Reynolds in the 1983 movie Stroker Ace, which was filmed at the track.

1.) Clint Bowyer's 150 driver points.

We guess that last one would require us to actually follow NASCAR to get the joke.

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My X-type is too a real Jaguar

I hadn't thought about the movie Stroker Ace for years. Now I have to look and see if it is available on Netflix instant que.