Ten Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Car Enthusiasts

The days of street racing and dude-dominated car culture are numbered. Let’s put an end to these ten car enthusiast stereotypes.

10.) All Japanese Car Owners Are “Ricers”


The association between tastelessly-modified Civics and Mitsubishis with Japanese car culture has gone on too long. Some of us actually like to leave our cars drivable. That term “ricer” could stand to be retired as well.

Suggested By: 8695Beaters

Photo credit Farrell Small

9.) “Fancy” Car Owners Are Rich/Pretentious

Not everyone who owns a Porsche or a Ferrari is a millionaire, especially when it comes to classic cool cars. I’d say most of us work our asses off to own and take care of these machines.

Suggested By: OneFastPuertoRican

8.) We All Lust For Supercars


Supercars are pretty neat, but that doesn’t mean they’re what each and every car enthusiast dreams about at night. And hell, who needs them anyways, right? We have C4 Corvettes, 944s, E30s, FRS/BRZ’s, Miatas, WRXs, 240SX’s... I could go on forever.

Suggested By: ezeolla

7.) We All Drive Recklessly


Many of us enthusiasts drive safer and take it easy on the road because we can clearer understand the dangers of driving aggressively in the wrong place and the wrong time.

And for the rest of you, stop giving us a bad name!

Suggested By: printerror

6.) We All Want To Fix Your Car


Whether mechanically savvy or not, not all your car enthusiast friends are open to being your free weekend mechanic. Pick up that wrench and try your hands at it yourself.

Suggested By: Karfreek

5.) We All Drive “Sports Cars” Or “Muscle Cars”


To some enthusiasts, driving a sports car or another enthusiast-styled car might not fit their “lifestyle” or their budget, give them a break.

But to those of you that choose a crossover over a wagon, shame on you.

Suggested By: Kerberos824

4.) We All Watch NASCAR


NASCAR? Come on, there’s more to racing than that. Rally, F1, IndyCar, Grom racing... the list goes on and on.

Suggested By: TheRallyStache

3.) We All Street Race


Street racing is dangerous, illegal, stupid and gives everyone who loves cars a bad name. And for some of us, it’s cost us friends and loved ones. All of us should join together in condemning it.


Suggested By: RazoE

2.) Middle Aged And Nice Car? Mid Life Crisis


Don’t make assumptions about people. I’ll let reader TriggerTX share his anger on this one.

Fuck you. I worked my ass off the last 25 years. I raised a family and sent them off into the world. I have a decent income and less bills. I now am at a point where I can afford the things I wanted during that whole time but held off due to being ‘responsible’. But now I’m having a “crisis” because I bought an awesome car I always wanted and only drive it a few times a month.


Suggested By: TriggerTX

Photo credit Shutterstock

1.) We’re All Men


The auto industry and car culture is more diverse than ever. This is a good thing. Speed is for everyone.

Working with cars day in and day out, I have the honor of working with some extremely talented women that also happen to be very serious automotive enthusiasts. Just because you see a girl at a track day or at a cars and coffee doesn’t mean she was dragged their by her other half.


Suggested By: something-clever-here

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Top Photo Credit: Jordan Crosby from Connor’s Day, one of the best examples of car culture at work ever.

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