Ten Ridiculous Guesses For What Elon Musk's "D" Is

Ok, so we know that the Tesla "D" stands for dual-motor all wheel drive, but we can still have some fun with the name! Here's ten ridiculous things the "D" could and should be.


10.) Delivery Van

This idea isn't actually half bad – I'm sure Elon Musk would love to see a bunch of electric delivery vans puttering around the city, and the cities would eat them up.

Suggested By: RazorGP, Photo Credit: Greg Goebel

9.) Dragon Edition


Hey if Ferrari and Jeep can have silly, racist-seeming dragon editions, why can't Tesla? We wouldn't ridicule them at all for that.

Suggested By: bobmikecon, Photo Credit: Ferrari

8.) Driver's Car


Maybe "D" is Tesla's version of BMW's M, because adding a single random letter to your car's model name always means performance. Just ask Cadillac's "V" and Lexus' "F."

Suggested By: ArmadaExpress, Photo Credit: via Jalopnik

7.) Droptop


Just in time for summer, the new Tesla Model S Droptop! Tesla can't let the BMW 6-Series Convertible have all the fun.

Suggested By: Alex87f, Photo Credit: Newport Convertible Engineering

6.) Dune Buggy


Jalopnik's own Jason Torchinsky thinks the Tesla Model S chassis could be the new Volkswagen Type 1 for project cars. So naturally Elon Musk listened to Jason, being the smart guy he is, and is unveiling a dune buggy Model S.

Coming to a wealthy beach town near you!

Suggested By: dogisbadob, Photo Credit: Alden Jewell

5.) Drift


The Model S is already rear wheel drive, and can drift decently well. All they'd have to do is develop something like Ferrari's Side Slip Angle Control, wirelessly update every owner's car and we'd have some serious drift machines.

Suggested By: SennaMP4, Photo Credit: Grand Parc - Bordeaux, France

4.) Dirt


What better way to prove the worth of an all wheel drive Model S than the crucible of rally? It would be great, plus no gears means the driver can just focus on steering. Like Audi, Tesla could revolutionize the sport!

Suggested By: Diesel, Photo Credit: Getty Images

3.) Donk


It's probably not possible, but not a lot of people believed the Model S would work either. Do it, Elon. I know you can.

Suggested By: Earthbound And Down, Photo Credit: juxtapose^esopatxuj

2.) D-Pillar


Making a Model S wagon would be too easy. Too easy, I say! Tesla really should just give up on the Model X crossover and focus on the wagon, because wagons are somuch more popular than crossovers.

Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, Photo Credit: Buick

1.) D***


What else could it be?

Suggested By: When_in_doubt_throttle_out, Photo Credit: Divesidade em Animação via YouTube


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Top Photo Credit: Newport Convertible Engineering

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