Ten Of The Most Click-Baity Car Headlines I Could Think Of

We sometimes get accused of writing click-bait-ish headlines, but I promise you, that's never our goal. Sometimes, though, I do kind of want to write some nice awful click-bait crap, but I always stop myself. Not tonight.

So, here's ten of the most click-baity article headlines I could think of:

1. This Common Brand Of Gasoline Will Do Amazing Things To Your Penis

2. The Secret "Real" Speed Limit The Government Doesn't Want You To Know

3. We Put 40 Beautiful Women In This Old Renault. You'll Never Believe What Happened Next


4. 16 Adorable Puppies Explain The Atkinson Cycle

5. This Former Woman Is Racing's Most Powerful Man

6. This One Weird Trick To Septuple Your MPGs

7. The Government Doesn't Want You To Find This Device In Your Car

8. One Loophole That Will Let You Pay Off Your Car In Two Minutes

9. These Celebrity Tricks For Getting Out Of Speeding Tickets Can Work For You

10. These Five Animals Are In Your Car Right Now

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