Looking to make this a "December to remember" but you're broke and out of blood to sell? Here's ten cars still cheap enough to put a red bow on and gift this holiday season.

10.) 2009 Kia Spectra


MSRP: $14,200
Crazy Incentive: $1,500 cash back in select areas
Pros: Five star crash rating, it comes in red to match the bow
Cons: Dinky cloth seats, fear of everything else on the road
How You Sell It: "This is the fifth nicest car Kia makes"

9.) 2008 Hyundai Elantra

MSRP: $13,970
Crazy Incentive: 0% financing or $1,000 cash back
Pros: It has four doors, America's best warranty, good mileage
Cons: It looks like a toy car
How You Sell It: "A Hyundai is practically a Honda, right? I mean, come on, both have an H on the front."

8.) 2008 Suzuki Reno


MSRP: $13,299
Crazy Incentive: 3.6% financing, $250 loyalty cash for qualified buyers
Pros: Good warranty, sharp-looking and a stereo with a cassette player!
Cons: A stereo with a cassette player, small, sounds like a city best known for the parody police show
How You Sell It: "You'll be the only one in the neighborhood with one of these."

7.) 2008 GEM E6


MSRP: $12,995
Crazy Incentive: $500/$1000 cash back
Pros: Seats six comfortably, uses no gas, different
Cons: Can only drive on streets with a 35 mph or less speed limit, 40-mile range, doors cost extra
How You Sell It: "Look Ma, I bought you a futuristic electric car."

6.) 2009 Chevy Aveo/Aveo5


MSRP: $12,625
Crazy Incentive: Red Tag MSRP $11,797
Pros: Your choice of sedan or hatch, it's an American car
Cons: It's an American car designed and built by Daewoo, small
How You Sell It: "You're partially supporting America with this car"

5.) 2009 Toyota Yaris


MSRP: $12,205
Crazy Incentive: $500 customer cash
Pros: 36 MPG highway fuel economy
Cons: Small enough to be flattened by a Corolla
How You Sell It: "Our love is as reliable as a Toyota!"

4.) 2009 Kia Rio


MSRP: $12,145
Crazy Incentive: 0.0%financing/$500 cash back
Pros: Standard Sirius AM/FM/CD/MP3 audio system, full-length airbags
Cons: Drum brakes, 14-inch steel wheels, plastic body trim
How You Sell It: "This car's name is Rio and it dances in the sand."

3.) 2008 Smart fortwo Pure Coupe


MSRP: $11,900
Crazy Incentive: $99 to reserve a spot
Pros: Fun European design, easy to park, trendy
Cons: A two-seater, no a/c, power steering or radio standard
How You Sell It: "It's European!"

2.) 2009 Nissan Versa 1.6S


MSRP: $9,990
Crazy Incentive: 0% financing
Pros: Roomy for its class, good mileage
Cons: No a/c, no radio, no anything even hinting at convenience
How You Sell It: "Don't worry about the mortgage, I didn't spend more than $10K on on this..."

1.) 2009 Hyundai Accent GS


MSRP: $9,970
Crazy Incentive: 0% financing or $1,000 cash back
Pros: It's the cheapest car in America, good mileage, four whole speakers
Cons: No a/c, no radio, automatic transmission a $2,100 premium
How You Sell It: "I just bought you a car, okay. Don't be ungrateful"

[Photo Credit: Yahoo! Autos, Manufacturers, Alex Wong / Getty Images]

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