Ten Myths About Washing Your Car

If this or any of the follow ten are your idea of the perfect car wash, you’re doing it wrong.

10.) Clean cars get less attention from police


I hate to tell you this, but it’s more down to the make and color of the car you drive than anything else.

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9.) New car paint needs weeks of curing before a wash

Car paint gets baked at the factory and spends quite some time in transport before reaching the dealership. Where they will wash it as soon as they get to it.

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8.) Dishwasher liquid is fine to use


The only time dishwasher soap works is when you want to get rid of all the remaining wax. Otherwise, it’s a bad idea.

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7.) Rain will take care of it

Sure, as long as you go fast enough, and rainwater is clean enough. It won’t be, and you most likely won’t have the speed either.


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6.) There’s no need for wax


Actually, there is if you want to create a physical barrier between mother nature and the clear coat.

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5.) An engine wash ruins everything

No, it doesn’t. You just have to be smart about it and heat up that engine afterwards.


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4.) Dirt protects paint


No, it actually accelerates corrosion.

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3.) Car interiors can deal with a pressure washer

Is your car a full on off-road 4x4 or a Honda Element? If not, forget it.

I’m only joking. Honda Elements are not waterproof either.

Suggested By: $kaycog

2.) Clean cars achieve significantly higher MPGs


While dirt increases drag and makes the car heavier, the difference is far from being significant.

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1.) Birds like to crap on clean cars


They don’t, but you do like to park under trees, and crap is more visible on shiny surfaces.

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