The days of KITT, the A-Team van, and Crockett's Ferrari are long gone. That's not right. TV hero cars need to make a comeback.

10.) Jaguar F-Type Coupe


I know Jaguar is positioning the F-Type as a villain's car, but I think it would make a fantastic anti-hero ride. It wouldn't be hard to make it look good for the camera, and the sound designers would have a field day.

Suggested By: J-Tenno, Photo Credit: Jaguar

9.) Fiat 500 Abarth

Why? Fiat 500 Abarths are cool and great for hooning. That's why.

Suggested By: Jonee, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

8.) Volvo Concept Coupe


Volvo recently put their sexy Concept Coupe on hold, which is a damn shame because what else could we use for a reboot of The Saint?

Suggested By: SlabSheetrock, Photo Credit: Volvo

7.) Google Streetview Car


Reader Charlie's Bitten Finger has a great (crazy) idea for using one of these camera'd Imprezas for TV:

"Ok, hear me out on this one. Its superpower is... wi-fi!

It's a dark and rainy night, and 3 thieves are unloading canvas sacks from a mom-n-pop local bank in small-town USA.

'What the hell, is that a Google Car parked over there?' one says.

'Smile, lawbreakers. You're on camera!' says the Googlecar.

'Fiddlesticks, we're busted!' they all say.

(cut to a police precinct, where a detective receives an anonymous email showing the crime in progress)

'I've got you now....' says the detective through gritted teeth.

Wheels burn rubber in the police parking lot, as the thieves also pile into their El Camino.

'Is the car still following us?' says thief 2 after a few minutes.

'Nah, we outran it no problem. It's just an Impreza!' says Thief 1. 'Hey, cut through this alley up here, we can get on the highway faster,' he continues.

They turn down an alley, and just as they reach the end, Googlecar blocks their path, and the police block the other end.

'How the hell did he get here so fast!!??' Yells Thief 1.

'I gots all the shortcuts, you sons of bitches. I'm here to show you the fastest route to prison.' says the Googlecar."


Suggested By: Charlie's Bitten Finger, Photo Credit: Sancho McCanm

6.) Ford F-150 Raptor


What better for the action hero that needs a truck that can go anywhere, and do anything?

Suggested By: Chris_K_F, Photo Credit: Ford

5.) Audi RS6 Avant


Wagons are so uncool in America, automakers can't even call them wagons! It's up to us to change that awful perception and make longroofs cool again in this great country.

The best way to do that is by putting a sexy, fast as hell Audi RS6 Avant on a big TV show. Then wagons will reign supreme.


Suggested By: Tom McParland, Photo Credit: Audi

4.) Dodge Challenger Hellcat


You know what looks great on TV? Burnouts. Sweet, sweet burnouts.

Suggested By: schrodingers, Photo Credit: Dodge

3.) Ferrari 458


If Magnum P.I. and Miami Vice have taught us anything, it's that Ferraris – especially those with engines behind the drivers – make excellent hero cars.

A sweet new 458 Italia should do the trick nicely.

Suggested By: gla2yyz, Photo Credit: Axion23

2.) Shelby GT350


I don't know why, but the new Shelby GT350 just screams "hero car." How could you not root for someone driving one of these?

Suggested By: daender, Photo Credit: Ford

1.) BMW i8


The i8 is the coolest, most futuristic car you can buy today, and it's dying for a starring roll on TV.

You could have it in a current day science fiction show, or a show that takes place in the future, or anything really. It's perfect.


Suggested By: nermal, Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove via Jalopnik

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Top Photo Credit: Ford

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