Replace these historical figures' horses and chariots with cars and they'd be auto racing in no time.

10.) Napoleon Bonaparte

Reader Loping Camshaft described him as a "French dude with a massive ego and a chip on his shoulder." So basically, he was Alain Prost before Alain Prost was Alain Prost.

Don't forget, Alain Prost was a hell of a driver.

Suggested By: ncasolowork2, Photo Credit: Public Domain

9.) Miyamoto Musashi


Patrick Frawley can explain why this 17th Century Japanese swordsman would be excellent behind the wheel:

"Unparalleled coordination and balance, a masterful grasp of tactics and gamesmanship, a ferocious competitive streak, and a deeply thoughtful, philosophical take on life when not at practice."

Suggested By: Patrick Frawley, Photo Credit: Alkivar

8.) Niccolò Machiavelli


The ever-controversial Machiavelli introduced the idea that power must be maintained by actions that are seen as malevolent by others, not unlike the actions of Ayrton Senna at the 1990 Japanese Grand Prix.

He'd have made a hell of a competitive race car driver.

Suggested By: North, Photo Credit: Public Domain

7.) Benjamin Franklin


This founding father was not only a brilliant inventor, but also an international playboy. So, he was basically an F1 driver before F1 cars existed.

Suggested By: emilminty, Photo Credit: Public Domain

6.) William Tecumseh Sherman


General Sherman stormed through the Confederacy in the Civil War quickly and mercilessly, which would make him seem right at home on a NASCAR grid. He certainly had the steely eyed determination of a stock car racer, just look at him!

Suggested By: ThrillerWA09, Photo Credit: Public Domain

5.) Ferdinand Magellan


Magellan would be perfect for either road trips or rallies, so long as you don't run into a guy named Lapu Lapu. With old Ferdinand, you'd never get lost.

Suggested By: nermal, Photo Credit:

4.) Appius Claudius Caecus


Appius is credited with building the Via Appia, one of the earliest and most important roads in the world. Lancia even named a car the Appia after him and his namesake road.

Clearly, this man from Ancient Rome had cars on his mind.

Suggested By: Chevy Sonic The Hedgehog, Photo Credit: Paul Hermans (Via Appia pictured)


3.) Paul Revere


Thanks to his legendary Midnight Ride, we know Revere could do amazing things with a horse, but could you imagine him behind the wheel of a Hellcat?

I know I certainly could.

Suggested By: jbh, Photo Credit: Office Of War Information

2.) Isaac Newton


I mean, the guy wrote the Three Laws Of Motion; who better than he to master hitting apexes, and understanding the physics of his cars.

Plus, who wouldn't want to see that glorious head of hair flowing out of the back of a Miata.

Suggested By: Ghost Of Rob, Photo Credit: National Portrait Gallery, London

1.) Leonardo Da Vinci


The dude sketched out one of the first prototypes of a self-propelled vehicle in 1478. Yes, 1478, if you can believe it.

I can't think of any historical figure more predisposed to driving than Da Vinci.

Suggested By: Tom McParland, Photo Credit: Public Domain

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