Ten Great Pieces Of Car Tech We Take For Granted

These are the hidden parts, features, and mysterious three-letter electric systems that make our cars the amazing machines they are today.

10.) Traction Control


It's nice to be able to go wild in a sports car, but traction control keeps the majority of us drivers on the road when conditions get dangerous. Just let us switch it off completely if we want.

Suggested By: TheSpin, Photo Credit: marcus.ks

9.) Heated seats

Sure, the system adds a bit of weight, but while you can't have a drink on the road in the winter or during long trips, heated seats are always there to make you feel better.

Suggested By: Patrick George, Photo Credit: That Hartford Guy

8.) Belted radial tires


Compared to the old bias ply tires we used, modern tires are pretty amazing. A good set can take you to higher speeds, make your car burn less fuel and provide grip in wet and dry day after day.

Suggested By: Scuderia2000, Photo Credit: OakleyOriginals

7.) Quarter glass


The simple but brilliant ,vent windows were so under-appreciated that they no longer exist. Blame cost cutting.

Suggested By: Matt McIrish, Photo Credit: ocean yamaha

6.) Power steering


There are many cars we prefer without power steering. Like the Alfa Romeo 4C. However, the technology has its benefits. Think about trucks, parking big cars or just low-speed maneuvering in general. You would miss it.

Suggested By: djmt1, Photo Credit: Damian Gadal

5.) Electronic fuel injection


Yes, carburetors are very likable devices, but it's the electric (direct) injection that gets rid of cold start issues, improves fuel efficiency and gives you more power.

Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, can't into, Photo Credit: jeffwilcox

4.) Catalytic converter


Unlike the stupid engine-choking emissions systems of the eighties, these really help keep our air breathable. Think of the children!

Suggested By: Dadcore, Photo Credit: BrownGuacamole

3.) Galvanized steel


This is why rust isn't such a big issue anymore. Porsche introduced galvanized bodies in 1978, but the rest of the world followed soon. It saved a lot of classics by now for us to enjoy, not to mention our daily drivers.

Suggested By: HydrogenOnion, Photo Credit: Valder137

2.) Electric cooling fan


The fact that the cooling fan is now powered by electricity instead of a belt connected to the engine means you get a constant airflow and no overheating. A blessing indeed.

Suggested By: west-coaster, Photo Credit: wbaiv

1.) Electric starter


Cars used to be bucking machines that could break your arm with their hand crank starters. That grinding noise has changed everything and turned automobiles into the easy-to-use personal transporters we know today.

Suggested By: flyingstitch, Photo Credit: Moto@Club4AG

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Top Photo Credit: Bosch

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