Nobody likes horsepower as much as true Jalops, but these ten cars would be better with less smoke.

10.) Lamborghini Aventador

Personally, I think the Aventador is fine as it is. It's scary fast, and that's what I expect from a V12 Lambo.


Having said that, the people who buy these clearly can't necessarily control 691 horses. We hate seeing these cars crash, so an Aventador that secretly has only 300 hp would be a clear win on both sides.

Suggested By: Patrick George, Photo Credit: Corentin Foucaut

9.) Vauxhall Astra VXR


The problem with the cheaper half of high-performance front wheel drive cars is that they come with heaps of torque steer. Going straight shouldn't be an optional extra.

Suggested By: willkinton247, Photo Credit: Steve Coulter Performance Cars

8.) TVR Speed12


The TVR Cerbera Speed 12 could have been a fantastic product if it didn't have enough power to break the dyno and be undrivable in basically any condition.

God, I miss TVR so much!

Suggested By: Forgetful, Photo Credit: robad0b

7.) Dodge Caliber SRT4


As much torque steer as in an Astra VXR, while making even less sense as a car.

Suggested By: Mr Winky, Photo Credit: MSVG

6.) Ferrari F12


The F12 Berlinetta is supposed to be a very fast GT car, and it is. But when Jeremy Clarkson says it has too much power for its own good, you know something is up.

Would love to see a V12 458 though. I know Eric Clapton would too...

Suggested By: JocksNiche, Photo Credit: Matt.J | Cars

5.) Shelby Cobra 427


Yep, the Cobra is a better car (and less of a homicidal maniac) with a 289 and narrower tires.

Suggested By: PeteRR, Photo Credit: omninate

4.) Shelby GT500


Yes, Ford could jam 662 horses into a Mustang with a live axle. That doesn't mean you want one, since the Boss 302 is a much better car if you want to go fast.

Suggested By: cjstangman, Photo Credit: Chad Horwedel

3.) Mercedes-Benz CL65


The simple answer here would be "all AMG cars," but this biturbo V12 Benz is one of the early tire smokers of the Power Wars of the 2000s. Mercedes had to detune the engine it made so much torque.

Suggested By: JayBe_III, Photo Credit: Prior Design NA (

2.) Dodge Viper


They wrapped a V10 in thin plastic. That's what the first Viper was and that's why it was a monster behind the wheel. And that's why it's a legend.

Suggested By: gt40mkii, Photo Credit: grendelkhan

1.) Porsche 930


Classic 911s were always a handful. So what did they do? They gave it more power. Much more. Meet the Widowmaker.


Suggested By: fritzo, Photo Credit: MixedGrill

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Top Photo Credit: ScottysGarage