Everybody makes mistakes. The important trick is not to fall for the same mistake the next time. Carmakers, read this and take some notes, because these ten models should stay buried for good.

10.) Ferrari Mondial


On one hand, it's your entry level Ferrari. On the other, it's a slow Ferrari. Such a thing should have never existed.

Suggested By: Hart88, Photo Credit: pyntofmyld

9.) 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo SS


Mike feels no love:

The post-1995 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. It was a big (but only on the exterior), lazy two-door with a measly 200 horsepower V6 from 2000-2005 that was an affront to the SS badge. It seemed to only exist as a marketing ploy to NASCAR fans during the Bush presidency.

The Chevy Monte Carlo SS was both the peak and the epitome of the Malaise Era.

Suggested By: Michael Ballaban, Photo Credit: DVS1mn

8.) Cadillac Catera


Up until today, I wasn't aware that GM rebadged the Opel Omega to sell it as the Cadillac Catera.

I was a happier man yesterday.

Suggested By: drivingmsdaisycrazy, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


7.) Chrysler PT Cruiser


Ok. You think it's ridiculous, I agree, but at least there's somebody out there who likes the PT. Meet ZekeStone:

Mine is a base PT... manual, no A/C. And thus it feels reasonably sprightly... especially when I take the rear seats out (they weigh 100 pounds)

The only weaknesses are that it's advisable to upgrade the suspension bushings. And the drum brakes the entry level models come with squeak once dust builds up... which is fixable by upgrading to ceramic drum brake linings.

But it's actually a very solid car. Though compared to the Neon, it isn't as fast and doesn't handle as well because of the taller/heavier body and an intake that isn't as good due to the shape of the body.


Having said that, Alex Murel came prepared:

When you have to compare your car to a Dodge Neon to make it look marginally good, your car is shit.

I'm not trying to be mean, it's just a fact.

Suggested By: Alex Murel, Philosopher, Photo Credit: Slideshow Bruce

6.) Jaguar X-Type


My X-type is too a real Jaguar says his X-Type is a real Jaguar too, but it isn't. It's a Ford Mondeo that damaged the prestigious brand like no other, proving that Ford executives were just as lazy and greedy as GM's were.

Suggested By: drivingmsdaisycrazy, Photo Credit: exfordy

5.) Chevrolet Chevette


Turns out ZekeStone's whole family is into challenging cars:

Funny... my sister bought one... it lasted one month before she totalled it in a collision.

Then she bought another one... which lasted a year before the engine blew up.

Then she bought a third one... a 1987 model which was the "best of the bunch"... which actually lasted for 3 years... but it was still a piece of crap. Among the pieces of crap, it was the best piece of crap.


Suggested By: 900turbo, Photo Credit: dave_7

4.) Reliant Robin


The miners who had no driving license back in the day are gone. The Robin is gone too, and that's all good.

Suggested By: ncasolowork2, Photo Credit: Watt_Dabney


3.) Hummer H1


Even Schwarzenegger ditched his after a while. No wonder the whole brand went tits up in less than twenty years.

Suggested By: meccapanzer, Photo Credit: smaedli


2.) Ford Pinto


Pinto means explosion in case of a rear-end collision in some languages.

Suggested By: $kaycog, Photo Credit: Free Photo Fun


1.) Chrysler TC by Maserati


It was a very, very expensive LeBaron. And you wouldn't pay for a LeBaron in the first place.

Suggested By: Jagvar, Photo Credit: c5kari


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Top Photo Credit: Slideshow Bruce

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