Ten cars that look like fish

It's not really surprising that cars have evolved to resemble the efficient shapes of water-dwelling finned creatures. They make them move faster and get air better — it's a win-win. Here are the 10 most fishy cars as selected by Jalopnik readers.


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Photo Credit:Village of Joy

10.) Mercedes-Benz Bionic Concept

Looks Like: A Boxfish

Suggested By: vlmdesigner

Why It's Fishy: The Bionic concept car was designed to resemble the boxfish, and I think the Mercedes-Benz design team hit their mark perfectly. The question is, who would want to drive around in a car that looks like it belongs hiding out in a reef?


Photo credit: quinet


9.) Vector W2

Looks Like: A Barracuda

Suggested By: MisterCrispy

Why It's Fishy: Both the Vector and barracuda are long, low, and pointy.

Photo credit: Michael Heilemann, dachalan


8.) Tatra T87

Looks Like: A Tuna

Suggested By: Ben G. Rogers

Why It's Fishy: They're both big and they've both got fins. They also mostly only ever appear in schools or at owners' club meetings.


Photo credit: Jack_Snell, secretseasons


7.) Spyker C8

Looks Like: A Sucker Fish

Suggested By: Crossdrilled

Why It's Fishy: They've both got slight scowls on their faces. They both are a little bit cross-eyed. They're both probably a little ill-tempered.


Photo credit: Bolt of Blue, FurLined


6.) Pagani Huayra

Looks Like: A Vampire Fish

Suggested By: E34 is an underrated E30 except better

Why It's Fishy: See the toothy-fangs? And that giant mouth? Now look at the fish. When you come across a Huayra, I'll bet now you'll think twice about walking in front of it.


Photo credit: National Geographic


5.) Chrysler Concorde

Looks Like: A Bass

Suggested By: MorelOrelHershiser

Why It's Fishy: Look at their gaping maws and tell me these two weren't separated at birth. If that's not enough, both are large, slow, and nondescript. Tell someone to think of a basic fish shape, and you'll wind up with something close to a bass. The same goes for cars and the Concorde.


Photo credit: turbojoe


4.) Rinspeed Squba

Looks Like: A Guppy

Suggested By: teampenske3

Why It's Fishy: Not only do the car and fish resemble one another, they share a habitat! The underwater Elise, or Squba, has a guppy-like mouth and size. The guppy has Squba-like fins and a penchant for being wet. Both are small and change directions in the blink of an eye.


Photo credit: createordie, lens-flare.de


3.) Nissan 370Z

Looks Like: A Catfish

Suggested By: Boxer_4

Why It's Fishy: The 370Z has the requisite empty eyes, big gaping mouth, and barbels on either side of that mouth to very clearly identify as a member of the catfish family. Also similarly, both the Nissan and catfish are negatively buoyant.


Photo credit: caroverload, tkw954


2.) Corvette Mako Shark

Looks Like: A Shark

Suggested By: ross5483

Why It's Fishy: Well it's fairly obvious, isn't it? The pronounced fenders are the fins, the color is spot-on, and they're both scary and like to eat lesser cars/fish for dinner.


Photo credit: mashleymorgan, mtarlock


1.) Mitsuoka Orochi

Looks Like : A Squid

Suggested By: Kiwi_Commander

Why It's Fishy: The Orochi's strange mouth opening and misshapen headlights bring to mind the beak and eyes of a small squid. The seemingly random curves, indentations, and cutouts along the rest of its body remind us of the fins and tentacles that make squids so distinct looking.


Photo credit: exo_duz, Nick Hobgood

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