Ten Cars That Deserve Their Own Brands

These cars will be what Joey was to Friends, except not terrible.

10.) Cadillac Escalade


The Escalade is pretty far removed from the rest of Cadillac at this point and the carries a lot of its own name recognition. GM can round out the Escalade lineup by adding a smaller crossover and bringing back the EXT.

And if they're crazy, they could do an off-road variant; it'll be the American Range Rover.

Suggested By: Sejji, Photo Credit: Newspress via Truck Yeah!

9.) Toyota Prius


The Prius is already in its own world within Toyota and has its own customer base, so it wouldn't be too difficult to spin off.

Even the most hardcore of enthusiast ("three pedals or death!") would be curious to see what Toyota could come up with, because not all Toyota hybrids are slow.


Suggested By: Car Configure, Photo Credit: Toyota via Jalopnik

8.) Fiat Panda


Fiat's 500 got the MINI treatment with an ever increasing amount of variants, but the venerable Panda has been a bit left out. They could easily add a long wheelbase wagon, a pickup, and an Abarth version to the Panda lineup, and boom, you've got a brand.

Also, they can all the Abarth version the Pandemonium, a name which I'm offering up at no charge. Come on Marchionne, I know you want to.


Suggested By: davedave1111, Photo Credit: Fiat

7.) Chrysler 300


Chrysler really needs to exploit the full potential of the 300 instead of just making one body style. As reader 900Turbo points out, the 300 could easily be a coupe, convertible, long wheelbase limo, or most excitingly, a wagon.

At the very least, they should make a version with suicide doors, because those are badass.


Suggested By: 900Turbo, Photo Credit: Matt Hardigree/Jalopnik

6.) Mercedes G-Wagon


The Geländewagen is one of the most iconic cars Mercedes has ever made and one of its most versatile platforms. A G-Wagon brand could have everything from utilitarian off-roaders and pickups, to convertibles, to Beverly Hills edition matte black AMGs.

Suggested By: Chuck 2(O=[][]=O)2, Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

5.) Kia Soul


The Soul has proven to be a bit of a runaway hit for Kia, and they've shown that it lends itself to many cool variants, so all they've gotta do is put their money where their mouth is and make it a brand.

Suggested By: TimTheNinja, Photo Credit: Tavarish via Truck Yeah!

4.) Chevrolet Corvette


The Corvette is pretty far removed from the rest of Chevrolet, so GM really should open up dedicated Corvette showrooms to make some space for some new variants.

What I'm basically saying is, Corvette Shooting Brake. Somebody make it happen please.


Suggested By: Patrick Frawley, Photo Credit: Callaway via Jalopnik

3.) Mazda Miata


Mazda builds a dedicated RWD platform for the Miata and they use it for just one car. One car! Make a Miata coupe, or a sedan, or a wagon, or a pickup, or a shooting brake! Why hasn't this happened yet?

Mazda, you have an untapped market right within your grasp. Do it!

Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Jason Torchinsky via Jalopnik

2.) Jeep Wrangler


The Wrangler is easily the most recognizable of all currently made Jeeps, but there's just two variants: two and four door. Jeep could easily have a home run if they revived Willys and cranked out more Wranglers.

Like the original, you could turn Wranglers into military vehicles, mail trucks, pickups, ambulances, vans, and pretty much everything else.


Suggested By: burglar can't heart click anything, Photo Credit: Jeep

1.) Hyundai Genesis


Instead of copying the sales failure that was the Volkswagen Phaeton, Hyundai and Kia should have gotten together and copied Lexus and made Genesis its own brand to take their cars upmarket.

Hyundai kind of did that, but they didn't do it as fully as they should have. They could easily make a brand of the current Genesis models and add a luxury crossover and maybe even a sweet sports car.


Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, SHAZAM!, Photo Credit: Hyundai

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Top Photo Credit: Chevrolet

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