The age-old question, “If cars could drive, what cars would they drive?” has finally been answered. These are the ten cars that cars would drive if cars could drive.

10.) Chevrolet S10/Hummer H1

How else is a little compact-pick up going to compensate for its inadequacies? It’s a perfect match.

Suggested By: thedudewiththebrownsquares, Photo Credit: IFCAR/Brian Snelson

9.) Fiat 500 Abarth/Ferrari 488GTB


If you’ve ever driven a Fiat 500 Abarth, you’ll know that through its Italian quirks, sounds and happy-puppy personality, these little cars try their best to embody the spirit of their much more expensive brother. Instead of posing as one, it could just drive one!

Suggested By: KomradKickass , Photo Credit: Jalopnik/Ferrari

8.) Nissan GT-R LM/Juke-R


At its official international endurance racing debut, the Nissan GT-R LM attempted to prove to the world that even though the cars may not have been at full pace, Nissan had what it takes to survive Le Mans, and will come back next year guns blazin’. The Juke-R is for when the GT-R LM needs to cool down off-track, take things easy, but can still demolish anything it wants to on road.

Suggested By: JSWilson64_g, Photo Credit: Nissan

7.) Wrangler/KAMAZ DAKAR Truck


A Wrangler would totally put its off-road technique and mindset to work in one of the most insane cross country vehicles that rolls upon our great earth’s surface. It’s a combination ordered from the off-road heavens.

Suggested By: Titan-E34, Photo Credit: Jeep/Getty Images Sport

6.) Honda Civic/Toyota Camry


Because of course one beige car would drive another beige car. No argument there.

Suggested By: DMaculate, Photo Credit: Jalopnik/Toyota

5.) Alfa GTV6/Honda CRV


A very unreliable car with a very reliable car. How else is the Alfa going to get around? Definitely not on its own power.

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga, Photo Credit: Rex Gray/Honda

4.) Lamborghini Aventador/Quasar Unipower


For a very long time, Lamborghinis have been cars that are just as great to look at as they are to drive. Sometimes even better they are to look at than to drive. That’s where the Quasar Unipower comes in. It’s a rolling showcase!

Suggested By: Jonee, Photo Credit: Jalopnik/

3.) Smart Car/Pick Up


Through some probably not-so extensive research, a couple of Smart owners have found out that early Smart cars can easily fit in the back of many extended bed trucks. It’s a perfect fit! When Smart cars need to take the road less traveled, they can simply load up onto their truck.

Suggested By: ♥ Miss Mercedes ✿ smart Expert ♥, Photo Credit: SMART/Ram

2.) Honda CR-V/Mazda Miata


The Honda CR-V has always been a reliable, comfortable, simple, relatively low-cost decently good car all around, but it’s never really been a car to have fun in. Enter the Miata, for when the CR-V needs to take a step back from its 9-5 and hit the twisties.

Suggested By: DMaculate, Photo Credit: Jalopnik/Honda

1.) Toyota Prius/Bus


Did you really think a Prius would drive another car? Hell no. If cars could drive other cars, the Prius would stay true to its environmental due diligence and take public transportation.

Suggested By: Jalopshit, Photo Credit: Toyota/Oran Viriyinci

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Top Photo Credit: Jason Torchinsky/Jalopnik