Ten Cars That Are Impossible To Find Stock

Some cars are just so easy to modify there aren't any stock ones left.

10.) Dodge Neon SRT-4


It took reader JimZ under half a day to sell his stock SRT-4 because it was the only one around for miles. Just goes to show how few unmodified ones exist.

Suggested By: JimZ, Photo Credit: Grant C.

9.) Honda CRX

The CRX was a brilliant little car from Honda made back when their cars were both efficient and fun. They make for brilliant commuter cars but good luck finding one without a fart can loosely hanging off the back bumper.

Suggested By: BrtStlnd, Photo Credit: Wiros

8.) Fox Body Mustang GT


It's a cheap American V8. Of course every single one is modified. What would you expect?

Suggested By: ReverendDexter, Photo Credit: Nick Ares

7.) Acura Integra Type-R


The Integra Type-R is one of the best handling FWD cars ever made and just 3283 were brought to the US. Rare unmodded examples of these are going to be future auction queens, just you wait and see.

Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us-wrecks, Photo Credit: Grant.C

6.) Subaru WRX/WRX STI


Every WRX owner has modified their car at least a little bit–it's just such a natural hoonmobile. Even Jalopnik's own Patrick George modified his!

Suggested By: Chris_K_F, Photo Credit: Justin Capolongo

5.) 1950 Mercury


I'm fairly certain every single Mercury made in 1950 went straight from the factory to the body shop where it was turned into a lead sled.

Suggested By: $kaycog, Photo Credit: Collector Car Ads

4.) Honda Del Sol


What is it about '90s Hondas? Every one of them seems to get modified, especially the little Del Sol.

Suggested By: toddycc, Photo Credit: Mark Van Seeters

3.) Jeep Wrangler/Cherokee


Stock Jeeps are wonderfully capable off-road vehicles, but with a few mods they can go pretty much anywhere. Couple that with the fact that they can be found on the cheap and you have an off-roader's dream.

Suggested By: Gary Yogurt/yamahog is bifurious, Photo Credit: Powhusku

2.) Late 20s/Early 30s Fords


Ford in the late 1920s/early 1930s is like Honda in the 1990s. Think of a '32 Ford and you think of a hot rod, not anything resembling factory stock.

Suggested By: shortyoh, Photo Credit: Brian Snelson

1.) Mark IV Supra


Blame The Fast And The Furious for the fact that finding an original Mark IV is harder than finding the holy grail. If you happen to have an unmodified example, hold on to it and cash in when values shoot through the roof.

Suggested By: AlexxxxC, Photo Credit: Chris Nielsen

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Top Photo Credit: Chris Nielsen

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