When you're super sloshed on Blinker Fluids, these are the chariots you'll want to take you home.

10.) Lexus LS400


Toyota designed the original LS400 to beat the Mercedes S-Class, but it makes a great drunk passenger transportation vehicle as well. BenLikesCars can explain:

" The ride is cushy but not squooshy.

The tranny won't even jolt you when it shifts, and you won't hear any harsh sounds unless the driver puts something wretched on the sound system.

And because you bought it for three grand at most, if the puke can't be washed out with a detailing, then one could buy "new" junkyard seats and they don't need to match.

Regardless, the interior looks easy to wipe, and you can snag $20 from the barfer to shampoo mats, carpeting, etc."


Suggested By: BenLikesCars, Photo Credit: Lexus

9.) Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor w/Plastic Seats


With the way these things ride, it's not a question of if a drunk passenger will spew, but rather when. If you have one with a plastic back seat though, it'll be a piece of cake to clean up.

Suggested By: Leon711, Photo Credit: Ford

8.) Citroën DS


If you're a drunk passenger you don't want a car with a soft, bouncy ride, you want something with smooth ride, and there's nothing smoother than a DS. With hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension, drunks will feel like they're riding on a cloud.

Suggested By: RazoE, Photo Credit: Alden Jewell

7.) Honda Element


Contrary to popular belief, you can't actually hose out the interior in an Element, but it's still much easier to clean than most things on the road.

No carpet or leather to ruin here!

Suggested By: M, as in "Mancy", Photo Credit: Honda

6.) BMW Z1


If your passenger needs to vomit, just lower the automatic sliding doors and they can do what they need to do right onto the road. A simple, brilliant solution!

Plus, fresh air always does the inebriated body some good.

Suggested By: toddycc, Photo Credit:BMW

5.) Bentley Mulsanne


Reader Eddie Brannan has actually drunk passenger tested a Mulsanne and can tell you how great it is for the job:

"My wife and I had come home hammered at 5am in Shanghai, and were still feeling like shit when we arrived at my uncle's place. He has a courtyard home in the old town, gorgeous but nutty place, and he also has a white on tan Bentley Mulsanne.

It took the driver literally 15+ minutes to maneuver it our of the garage and turn it around in the tiny streets, and when he did uncle invited me to ride with him as we drove to the new town.

He was upfront with the driver and I had the rear to myself. I was hungover as hell, and raised the side mesh screen to dim the light coming in, lowered the arm rest, set the rear seat to the perfect angle and took a nap for the entire half-hour ride.

When we got where we going I felt a million times better. So yeah, Bentley—tried and tested, does what it says on the tin."


Suggested By: Eddie Brannan, Photo Credit: Bentley

4.) Subaru Brat


Thanks to the absurd Chicken Tax, the Subaru BRAT had two bed-mounted jump seats in order to be sold in the US. Unwittingly, Subaru made a perfect and terrifying vehicle for transporting drunks.

Suggested By: Schep9d, Photo Credit: Subaru

3.) Jeep Wrangler


Unlike the Element, you can actually hose out a new Wrangler because it has drain plugs in the floor! This makes the Wrangler great for very obvious reasons.

Suggested By: the_universe_according_to_jacob, Photo Credit: Jeep

2.) Food Truck


The best thing to do when you're drunk is to eat some greasy street meat, so what's better than transporting drunk people in a food truck? It makes way too much sense.

Über should seriously start doing this on weekend nights.

Suggested By: Jayden, Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove via Jalopnik

1.) Their Own Car


If your sloshed passenger is going to make a mess – and they will – better it be in their car than yours, because cleaning it won't be your problem. Maybe it'll even teach them a lesson too.

Suggested By: BC1BC2BC3, Photo Credit: TheRottnWonderland

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Top Photo Credit: Mercury/Jason Torchinsky via Jalopnik

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