Ten Awesome Drifting Videos

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Inspired by the driftacular Gymkhana 3, we asked you to highlight the best drifting videos for a special prize. Here are the ten winning awesome drifting videos.

Winners were determined by the number of unique replies at some point in the past when our intern got around to it, so no complaining. If you're the winner send your address and name to the email listed at the bottom of this post and we'll make sure you'll get your own "Obama Can't Gymkhana" bumper sticker courtesy of MWRT/DC Shoes/Segway Stuntman.


Photo Credit: Speedhunters

Mercedes W123 Wagon
Suggested By: luisthebeast

Master Tsuchiya Touge Drift 2
Suggested By: Mikeado

Top Gear Monaro Drift
Suggested By: gla2yyz

Drifting in Saudi Arabia
Suggested By: hike15

Over Powered Powerwheels Snow Jam Barbie Jeep vs. Corvette vs. F150 vs. Mustang Crazy Drift
Suggested By: deftony876

Fangio camara de a bordo en Mónaco
Suggested By: They call me MISTER Scroggs!

Gigi Galli A Big Drift
Suggested By: mechanicalTurk

M. Kawabata ..The Best Drift - Nissan S13
Suggested By: Transmarobird

BMW Drift!
Suggested By: hotballs

Drift Truck
Suggested By: Spinnyd