Ten Automotive YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To

YouTube has become the best place for great automotive video content. These ten channels are some of the best.


10.) Motor Trend

MotorTrend is on this list because of the supremely, wonderfully, amazingly excellent Roadkill. Watch it now.

Suggested By: Spacegrass

9.) XCAR

XCAR is one of the best because they don't just do reviews, they tell the stories of some of the greatest cars of all time like they do in this amazing Porsche 959 film.

Suggested By: Vintage1982Benz

8.) Harry's Garage

We were sad when Harry Metcalfe left EVO for Jaguar Land Rover, but now he's started his own channel to tell you more than you ever needed to know about the wonderful cars in his collection.


Suggested By: TwinCharged - Hong Kong Jalop

7.) The Smoking Tire

Matt Farah and his friends are crazy people who aren't afraid to say whatever they think. His Alfa Romeo 4C review is one of the craziest/best car reviews I've seen in a long time.


Suggested By: asbsvc

6.) Mighty Car Mods

Funny, informative, and Australian. What more could you want?

Suggested By: t_s

5.) Tax The Rich

The crazy people over at Tax The Rich don't post nearly often enough, but when they do it's magic. They drive supercars like they were meant to be driven.


Suggested By: ProcessBlack

4.) EVO

Even without Harry Metcalfe, EVO still produces some of the most beautiful car videos on YouTube. The presenters are great, the production value is high, the locations are gorgeous, and the cars are of course, killer.


Suggested By: LVPoen

3.) Petrolicious

Where else will you see gorgeous films on everything from Ferrari 512 Ms driven by David Hobbs to Baja Bugs driven by our own Raphael Orlove? The finest car porn on the web.


Suggested By: Vintage1982Benz

2.) /DRIVE

/DRIVE is the most diverse and best produced automotive channel on YouTube. You won't find a wider range of great gearhead content anywhere else, and /DRIVE+ is well worth having one less Grande Pumpkin Spiced Latte per month for a subscription.


Suggested By: LVPoen

1.) Regular Car Reviews

There's really no one else quite like Regular Cars. Beneath the all the off-color absurdist humor there's some refreshingly bold commentary which looks at the cars attributes, as well as its place in history/culture.


Suggested By: BonEvilSSEi

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Top Photo Credit: Petrolicious


Raphael Orlove

There were a ton of channels that we didn't have room for. If you were me, I would not miss these:

DriftIdiot. One guy's quest to figure out how the fuck all that slidey stuff happens, and a great look into the world of FD that isn't all slo mo and dubstep thank the lord. He's also on the Hooniverse channel.

FY Racing. A bunch of fucking goofballs happen to run one of the fastest Subarus in the country, let alone the world. The guy who does their videos happens to be excellent. Not to be missed at all.

MPZRacevideo. It's just a bunch of nutto Swiss hillclimb videos. It doesn't look expensive, and it doesn't have to. JUST LISTEN.

Loudpedal Productions. Some of the craziest, greatest racing in the world is at local sprint car events. But nobody ever sees it. Loudpedal always seem to be at the heart of the action, shooting great videos.

Their crash videos are mesmerizing.

Tuerck'd on Network A is great, too.