Ten Animals That Sound Just Like Cars

Maybe all those clichés about engines roaring and barking and growling like animals aren't so far off.

10.) Possum/A Car That Won't Start

Who knew a possum sounded eerily like an old MG that doesn't want to start?

Suggested By: Viperfan1

9.) Housefly/Nissan Leaf

You might be thinking, "hey, houseflies just make a high pitched buzzing sound." You're right, but so does the Nissan Leaf.


Suggested By: zeien

8.) Bugling Elk/Starting A Car That's Already Running

This is a bit obscure, but the high-pitched call of the Bugling Elk sounds like the lovely high pitched cranking you get when you try to start a car that's already running.

Suggested By: Lumpy44

7.) Lion/Ford GT

Maybe this is the reason the mighty Ford GT strikes fear into all who hear it. Either that or maybe lions hate Enzo Ferrari too.


Suggested By: CAcoalminer

6.) Screaming Goat/V10 F1 Car

Those bemoaning the end of the V10 era in F1 might be wise to pay a visit to their local petting zoo to get some of that sound they miss so dearly.


Suggested By: EL_ULY

5.) Bear/Older Ford Mustang

Both a bear and this Ford modular V8 mean business. I wouldn't mess with either of them.


Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, SHAZAM!

4.) Emperor Penguin/V6 F1 Hybrid

Emperor Penguins – is there anything they can't do? They're cute as hell and sound like modern F1 cars!


Suggested By: In a Mini; let them mock me as My Mini Countryman is higher than you

3.) Swarm Of Bees/Mazda RX-7

Don't take someone with apiphobia to a Spec RX-7 race.

Suggested By: McMike

2.) Tiger/Hellcat

It honestly wouldn't surprise me if the engineers at SRT actually modeled the Hellcat's exhaust note on a pissed off tiger.


Suggested By: Lumpy44

1.) Lyrebird/Any Car You Want

The incredible lyrebird doesn't sound like any one car specifically, but rather, any car you want. Someone needs to put a lyrebird next to a Ferrari 250 GTO and make some magic happen.


Suggested By: sm70 - why not Duesenberg?

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Top Photo Credit: David Stokes/Dodge

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