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This year has been good for the cars, and the cars have been good to us. Some of us at Jalopnik bought new cars. Others got rid of their cars. Some cars broke down, and some got fixed. It was a wild ride, but now is the season of making resolutions.

Having just gotten rid of my Ford Focus, which made Jalopnik’s list of worst cars we’ve driven this year, I, and my reviews editor, Andrew, have planned out a resolution of me driving more cars, as I no longer own one of my own.


Ballaban is probably going to keep trying to get rid of his Yugo by any means necessary, Raphael wants to add rally lights to his Bug, Jason still has that Scimitar just sitting in his yard, I’ve lost track of where David is at with his stuff, Patrick is getting restless not having a car of his own yet, Andrew already has the perfect garage, Alanis is still bartering with her mom over a Miata, Kristen’s Mercedes is a ticking time bomb (in my opinion), and even I am considering wading in the cold, deep waters of New York City car ownership in 2018.

It’s going to hopefully be a fun, car-filled year for all of us. What are your New Year’s car resolutions for 2018?

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